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Testimonials for Foos Gavin Law Firm | Foos Gavin Law Firm

Mr. Foos is a creative, assertive and an aggressive attorney. We hired him to represent a family member in a TRO matter. He met with us immediately, answered all questions, proposed a creative plan and followed through quickly on all steps required (retrieve court documents, interview witness, negotiate settlement) for a good resolution to the case. He was quick to respond to all phone calls and emails. As a result of his hard work, the case resolved for a favorable resolution. I would highly recommend hiring Mr. Foos.

L A Lancaster

I highly recommend David Foos. Very responsive to emails, usually within minutes or hour. Also, David is very knowledgeable & has passion for his clients. Overall, highly recommend Foos Law Firm.

Kushal Kumar

David Foos Represented me in a matter involving a criminal charge I had from a long time ago. He was very swift and communicative. Time was of the essence and David got it done very quickly. David is defiantly Knowledgeable and very respectful. He was professional, responsive and the most important to me is that he was able to get the matter dismissed. I would recommend Mr. Foos and his team if ever needed.

Eduard Shust

I recently called Mr. Foos to assist with a family member's DUI. There had been some complicating factors after the initial sentencing. In a matter of one day, Mr. Foos called the court, got a quick hearing and resolved the entire problem! I was absolutely shocked and amazed at how quickly and efficiently Mr. Foos got the problem rectified. If you have a criminal law situation, look no further. Call David Foos!


Throughout my life I've been in lots of trouble with the law and have been defended by many lawyers but not one of them have came even close to defending me like David Foose. He won won 4 felony cases for me with no jail time. Mr. Foose is the best attorney I've ever came in contact with. Thank you so much you are highly appreciated.

Jeremy Rifraf

David Foos represented my husband and I as respondants to a restraining order request. Mr. Foos was respectful and patient with the high emotions one has while defending themselves in court. Him and his team are professional and very prompt with responses. Mr. Foos is a really good attorney who knows his stuff! His guidance and counsel during this time resulted in our victory in court! We would hire him again if we needed counsel in the areas he covers. We trust him, he is dependable, knowledgeable, and very easy to work with. Highly recommend!

Kaylin Lee

I hired Mr. David Foos to represent my business, as a painting contractor, in May of 2022 and I am sure happy that I did! He is very knowledgeable in representing California businesses and of our legal system. I very quickly knew I had the best representation that I could possibly have ask for. He treated me with respect and pursued a brilliant strategy that gave me peace of mind in knowing that I had chose one of the best! Please do not hesitate to give his law firm a call. You deserve to have the very best on your side! Thank you Mr. Foos.

Patrick Lourim

David Foos demonstrates excellent knowledge in a wide variety of legal matters, particularly with regard to employment law. He is an asset to our legal community. It is my pleasure to endorse him.

Frank C

Attorney David Foos - Thanks so much for your caring and professionalism. You are truly a blessing.

Alex B

Thanks Attorney Foos. David Foos, saved me from a hectic future. I had not been in any trouble before and I made a mistake. Thankfully Attorney Foos was able to get me a dismissal from the D.A. And I am now able to Move forward. He is so awesome.

Matt G

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