Multiple Offense DUI

The penalties for a DUI increase greatly if one has a prior conviction for a DUI or an alcohol related reckless driving in the last ten years. For a second offense DUI the penalties include a large fine, a minimum of ten days in jail, a one year driver’s license suspension, and the attendance at an eighteen month drinking driver program. If someone violates their probation with the new offense the consequences are usually more severe.

If someone is convicted of a third offense within the last ten years the penalties are even harsher. There is a minimum jail sentence of 120 days, a steep fine, and a three year license revocation. Again, you will have to complete an eighteen month drinking driver program before you can get your license back and as a condition of probation.

If you have been charged with a multiple offense DUI it is urgent that you speak to an attorney. Usually, an attorney can help you mitigate your sentence and tell you the things to do to suffer the least possible consequences. Also, an attorney can explore with you any defenses that you may have to the charge. David Foos is an attorney that has helped hundreds of clients with multiple offense DUI charges. Please contact David for a free consultation at 916-779-3500.

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