Assault with a deadly weapon or assault by means likely to cause great bodily injury are felony charges which carry up to five years in prison and frequently are a strike.  If you inflicted great bodily injury on someone the punishment can be much greater.  If you are charged with one of these crimes, or any violent assault, you may have important defenses.  First of all, it must be explored whether you were acting in self-defense or defense of another.  Therefore, all the witnesses must be interviewed and the scene visited to determine what really happened.  If you have been charged with a violent assault, you must have a strong defense attorney that will fully investigate the charges. As a Yolo Assault Attorney I will look into every aspect of the prosecution’s case to determine whether they can prove the charges.

If you have a valid defense, David Foos will suggest that either the D.A. drop the charges or that you fight them to a jury trial.  I have significant trial experience and if the prosecution cannot prove their case we will fight it all the way.  If there are mitigating circumstances I will explain those to the D.A. and seek a reduction of your charges and the sentence.

Yolo-Sacramento Assault Attorney David Foos will provide you with aggressive representation.  Call me at 916-779-3500 or reach me on the web at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so that I can help you with your case.  The first consultation is free of charge.