Weapons Charge

A weapons charge is a very serious matter. Illegal possession of firearms can carry time in prison, probation, and high fines.  You can also risk losing your California Drivers’ License.  If you have been accused of a weapons charge such as, illegal possession of firearms, firearms possession by a prohibited person, or use of a firearm or other weapon in the commission of another crime such as distribution of drugs, it is urgent that you speak to an attorney. The consequences are too harsh to handle this alone.  Working with an experienced attorney that knows weapons charge laws is important.

Weapons Charge Attorney

David Foos has extensive experience helping people who have been accused of such crimes.  Attorney David Foos has served for 16 years as a Judicial Officer where he sat as a judge hearing cases involving weapons possession and use.  The years of experience has given David  an in-depth understanding of the law. Attorney David Foos will use all this knowledge to get you the best possible results. In addition, David has over 30 years experience as an attorney having been a public defender for 8 years. Facing a weapons charge case is not an easy task. Work with an experienced weapons charge attorney.

Once we meet, we will extensively explore the facts of your case.  We will map out a strategy to be successful in your matter.  It may be that we will challenge the search and seizure by the police.  At any rate you will receive experienced, zealous representation.  Call David Foos at 916-779-3500 or contact me on the web at www.foosgavinlaw.com.  Remember, the first consultation is always for free.