Accused of Shoplifting in the Folsom area

Looking for a Folsom Shoplifting Attorney? Being accused of Shoplifting in the Folsom area can bring some harsh punishments to you. Understanding the laws and your rights regarding shoplifting in Folsom and the Sacramento jurisdiction becomes extremely important. Hiring the right Folsom shoplifting attorney will ensure that you receive a fair trial. Foos Gavin Law Firm has a great Folsom Shoplifting Attorney. We will work hard for you and get you the results that you deserve. We know the laws when it comes to Shoplifting. Let us protect your rights.


Shoplifting is a popular term used for theft of goods from a retail establishment. The term shoplifting and shoplifter has not been defined in Law. The word shrinkage is not a synonym for shoplifting, as it includes merchandise loss by means other than shoplifting. Most shoplifters are armatures; however, there are people and groups who make their living from shoplifting, who tend to be more skilled. Generally, criminal theft involves taking possession of property illegally. In self-service shops, customers are allowed by the property owner to take physical possession of the property by holding or moving it. This leaves areas of ambiguity that could criminalize some people for simple mistakes, such as accidental hiding of a small item or forgetting to pay. For this reason penalties for shoplifting are often lower than those for general theft. Few jurisdictions have specific shoplifting legislation with which to differentiate it from other forms of theft, so reduced penalties are usually at a judge’s discretion. Most retailers are aware of the seriousness of making a false arrest, and will only attempt to apprehend a person if their guilt is undoubted. Depending on local laws, arrests made by anyone other than law enforcement officers may also be illegal.

Preventing Shoplifting

Retailers report that shoplifting has a significant effect on their bottom line, stating that about 6% of all inventory disappears to shoplifters. Shoplifting is considered a form of theft and is subject to prosecution. Shoplifting may be prevented and detected. Loss Prevention personnel can consist of both uniformed officers and plain-clothed store detectives. Large department stores will use both and smaller stores will use one or the other dependent on their shrink strategy. Store detectives will patrol the store acting as if they are real shoppers. The presence of uniformed officers acts as a deterrent to shoplifting activity and they are mostly used by high-end retail establishments. Shoppers in some stores are asked when leaving the premises to have their purchases checked against the receipt.

Folsom Shoplifting Attorney

If you are accused of Shoplifting in the Folsom area, you need a Folsom Shoplifting Attorney that can fight for you. An attorney that will demonstrate to the prosecution or a jury that you are not guilty of this Shoplifting crime, and you should not be charged. The laws regarding shoplifting are very complicated. You need an attorney who understands the laws of shoplifting, and your rights. You need an Attorney that will fight for you.  Contact Folsom Shoplifting Attorney David Foos. David Foos has great experience defending shoplifting charges.  Commissioner Foos is a retired Judicial Officer and knows many of the players in the system. His inside knowledge will help you with your case.  Contact Commissioner Foos at 916-779-3500 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Remember, the first consultation is without cost to you. Do not handle this alone. Let the experience of Foos Gavin Law Firm help you out.