Accused of a Theft Crime

Being accused of Theft in the Folsom area can bring some harsh punishments to you. Understanding the laws and your rights regarding theft in Folsom and the Sacramento jurisdiction becomes extremely important. Hiring the right Folsom Theft Crime Attorney will ensure that you receive a fair trial. Foos Gavin Law Firm has a great Folsom Theft Crime Attorney. We will work hard for you and get you the results that you deserve. We know the laws when it comes to Theft. Let us protect your rights.

What is Theft

Theft is the taking of another person’s property without that person’s permission or consent with the intent to deprive the rightful owner of it. Theft is also used as an informal shorthand term for some crimes against property, such as burglary, embezzlement, larceny, looting, robbery, shoplifting, and fraud. In some jurisdictions, theft is considered to be synonymous with larceny. In others, theft has replaced larceny. Someone who carries out an act of or makes a career of theft is known as a thief. The act of theft can bring harsh punishments to the thief. This is why you need a Folsom Theft Crime Attorney.

The taking element in a theft typically requires seizing possession of property that belongs to another, and may also involve removing or attempting to remove the property. However, it is the element of intent where most of the complex legal challenges typically arise in theft-related cases. Types and Degrees of Theft is determined by a couple of factors. The first is what type of property was stolen. The second is how much the property was actually worth. This helps to determine the category or degree of theft charges that an accused could face. Many jurisdictions create degrees of theft crimes from third degree theft, which might be a misdemeanor involving property with a relatively low value, to a first degree theft which could be classified as a felony with stolen property valued above a limit established by law. Contact Foos Gavin Law firm to talk to a Folsom Theft Crime Attorney.

Folsom Theft Crime Attorney

If you are accused of Theft in the Folsom area, you need a Theft Crime Attorney that can fight for you. An attorney that will demonstrate to the prosecution or a jury that you are not guilty of this theft crime, and you should not be charged. The laws regarding theft are very complicated. You need an attorney who understands the laws of theft, and your rights. You need a Theft Crime Attorney that will fight for you.  Contact Sacramento Theft Crime Attorney David Foos. David Foos has great experience defending these theft charges. Commissioner Foos is a retired Judicial Officer and knows many of the players in the system. His inside knowledge will help you with your case.  Contact Commissioner Foos at 916-779-3500 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Remember, the first consultation is without cost to you. Do not handle this alone. Let the experience of Foos Gavin Law Firm help you out.