The legal age for drinking alcoholic beverages in California is 21 years old. If you are convicted of a number of alcohol related crimes and you are under 21 you can lose your privilege to drive for one year. Some of the common crimes for which you can lose your license are any drug or alcohol related crimes. The list includes minor in possession of alcohol, minor in possession of even a closed container of alcohol while in a vehicle, minor in possession of marijuana (although marijuana possession of under an ounce is now an infraction for which you cannot be put in jail), and even vandalism. If you are charged with any of these crimes it is best that you see an attorney. An aggressive criminal defense attorney like David Foos can work to get the charge dismissed or at the least a disposition in which you will not lose your privilege to drive. David Foos has had sixteen years as a judicial officer hearing a large percentage of driving matters and has the experience and inside knowledge to benefit you on your case.