If you have been accused of a violation of probation the consequences are severe. If you do not know your rights, violation of probation can bring down huge consequences. You may face time in prison or county jail, stiff fines, and your period of probation may be extended. Knowing the laws when it comes to the violation of probation is essential to your future case. Working with the right attorney will help you your violation of probation  case.

Violation of Probation Attorney

David Foos has been defending people accused of violation of probation for over 30 years.  For 16 years David Foos was a judicial officer presiding over many of these cases. As a result he is familiar with many of the D.A.s and Judges and will use this experience to better serve you in your violation of probation case. Mr. Foos is knowledgeable on the laws when it comes to probation violation. He  will use this knowledge and experience to get you the best possible result for your case.  We have a team of investigators that will thoroughly investigate your case and will spend time with you determining all of the facts.  If you have been accused of a violation of probation call the Foos Gavin Law Firm at 916-779-3500 or contact us on the web at www.foosgavinlaw.com.  We will consult with you at no cost to you. Don’t try to handle your Violation of probation case alone.