For those charged with a crime, in last few years, there have been created a number of diversion programs in which the client is diverted out of the criminal system, given certain conditions, with eventually the charges being dismissed if the conditions are satisfied.

The client will continue to plead not guilty, will be placed on a diversion program which usually lasts 6 months – 2 years, and will be given certain conditions; for instance, counselling,  attendance at Self-Help meetings, to pay restitution to the victim,  attendance at other classes, and to obey all laws.  Once the conditions are satisfied, the client will return to court, and the charges will be dismissed. 

Currently, the law provides for such programs for current or past members of the military, when the crime stems from some trauma experienced in the military.  Another instance is when someone is suffering from a mental health condition that may have led to the criminality.  Another example is if the charge involves drug possession or other misdemeanor drug offenses.

I have enjoyed quite a bit of success in getting these programs for my clients, and as a result many of my clients have had a result that their charges were dismissed, eventually.

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