The California law is that you cannot drive with a .08 blood alcohol level or above. Typically, one drink – mixed with one shot of alcohol, a beer, or an average glass of wine will raise your blood alcohol level a .02. If you have an empty stomach or are a small person, each drink will raise your blood alcohol level more. That is because as to stature the alcohol dilutes slower if smaller. If there is no food in your system the alcohol will take effect quicker.
Also, the alcohol burns off at the rate of .015 per hour. Therefore, is an average male, 150-170 lbs. could consume about 5 drinks over a three hour period and still be below the legal limit (5 x .02 = .10 – (3 x.015 = .045) = .055, which is below the legal limit. Having said the above, I think that it is incredibly dangerous for someone to consume more than one drink and then get behind the wheel. Experts say that even at a level of .04 bac our coordination is affected. Therefore, use a designated driver.

A high tolerance for alcohol can be built up by those that drink habitually. Although, these individuals may be able to mask certain symptoms of drinking, typically they will not be any more able to perform the tasks involved in driving safely than the rest of us