DUI Sacramento

Do you live in the Sacramento area? Have you been arrested for a DUI? Let Foos Gavin Law Firm help to defend your DUI case.  Knowing the laws and being aware of your rights is very important. Do not go into your case blind. We will inform you of all your rights to ensure that you receive a fair trial. As a Deputy Public Defender I tried many cases to jury verdict and represented literally hundreds of clients on DUI charges. I have become skilled in looking for errors in the breath testing devices as well as in the blood results. I attended many seminars put on by the California Public Defenders’ Association to hone my abilities to defend DUI cases.

DUI Experience

I also served on the Sacramento Court for sixteen years of which for one year I was the Judicial Officer that handled the DUI calendar. As a result of my judicial experience I learned what to look for to punch holes in a DUI arrest. While on the Bench I helped organize and was a speaker at numerous forums on traffic and DUI laws. I have over 30 years’ experience as an attorney and in handling DUI cases. I am an insider who is familiar with many of the people in the system. I can bring all my knowledge and experience to bear in providing aggressive representation on your case.

So if you live in Sacramento or the surrounding areas, and are not quite sure what your first steps are, Then call us.  We will sit down with you and inform you of your rights. All cases are different, so it is important that you work with an experienced attorney.  Let David Foos be that attorney.  You will be glad that you did.  Call 916-779-3500 to set up your initial consultation at no cost to you.