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Foos Gavin Law Firm is the perfect blend of experience and energy. Retired Sacramento Superior Court Commissioner David Foos brings the many years of experience and knowledge of the inner workings of the Courts to provide to you the best in representation and to get you great results. Commissioner Foos focuses on criminal defense, personal injury law, and employment matters.

Sean Gavin brings an abundance of energy matched with a sharp analytical mind to resolve your legal issues in your favor. Sean focuses on employment law and general civil litigation. Sean demonstrates the perfect traits for an effective attorney – a strong intellect with an intense competitive spirit such that he strives to provide positive results for his clients.

Foos and Gavin have a proven track record of success for their clients. So if you want knowledge, wisdom, experience, and a strong desire to prevail, Foos Gavin is the perfect law firm for you. Call us at 916-779 3500 or email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss your legal problem with us. Remember, the first consultation is without cost to you.

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Criminal Defense

If you or a loved one have been charged with a crime, you need an experienced, knowledgeable, and aggressive attorney to fight for you. The penalties can be severe including jail time, heavy fines, loss of driver’s license, and probation. David Foos has thirty-five years’ experience representing the accused. As a result of his experience, David knows the players in the system including the D.A.s and the Judges and will use his insider’s knowledge to benefit you. Mr. Foos was a Judicial Officer in Sacramento County for sixteen years and presided over criminal cases gaining a rare perspective on the law.

David knows how to get results and has a proven track record of success. He has won dismissals, jury verdicts, or reduced charges for thousands of clients. Mr. Foos knows all the methods to get you a successful result. David works with a team of highly skilled professionals and his team will thoroughly investigate your case. If your case requires scientific evidence David will call on his team of experts to assist your case. David will explore every legal avenue and identify the weak points in the prosecution’s case. David will exploit these holes to best benefit you. David will advise you on what you can do to help your case.

Driving Under The Influence

These Days penalties for a conviction of DUI are extremely severe. A DUI can result in loss of your driver’s license, jail time, heavy fines, a raise in your insurance rates, and at least three years of probation. If you are charged with a DUI you should act fast and contact an experienced DUI attorney.There are important time limits that you must follow, for instance, you must apply for a hearing with the DMV within ten days of the arrest to prevent your license from being suspended. You need an experienced attorney on your side that will defend your rights and that will fight for you every step of the way. David Foos brings thirty-five years of experience and a sharp analytical mind to help you win your case. As a result of Mr. Foos’ experience he knows many of the players in the system and will use his relationships to benefit you.

In addition, Mr. Foos was a Judicial Officer on the Sacramento Superior Court for sixteen years and for a year was the Judicial Officer that judged all the DUIs in the County. As a result, Mr. Foos has a wealth of experience that will help you on your case. Mr. Foos has studied techniques for challenging the prosecution’s evidence on DUI cases and is knowledgeable on the workings of the scientific evidence that the district attorney will bring. Mr. Foos will leave no stone unturned in searching out ways to fight your case. David brings with him a team of investigators and expert witnesses that will assist in your case. His investigators will interview all witnesses and his experts will help challenge the prosecution’s scientific evidence. He will help you fight your license suspension with the Department of Motor Vehicles and will do everything possible to help you keep your license.

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