Prescription opiates such as Vicodin, Norco, and Oxycontin, have been the subject of much police scrutiny in the last ten years. Whereas heroin was the drug of choice of opiate users some time ago, now the prescription opiates have become much more common. If you have been arrested for possession, transportation, or sales of such drugs you need an experienced opiate defense attorney to fight for you. Drug Defense attorney David Foos has over thirty-five years’ experience representing people accused of drug crimes. David Foos will overturn all stones in looking for ways to defend you in your case. If the police action was illegal Foos will challenge the search and seizure in an effort to get the government’s evidence thrown out. Contact Foos Gavin Law Firm for a free consultation with David Foos to discuss your case and map out strategy. David Foos can be contacted at 916-779-3500.