Government Service Workers such as State or County workers have rights if their employer tries to take an adverse action against them. These rights include a right to challenge the adverse action and go to an administrative hearing before the State Personnel Board, the Civil Service Commission or the Office of Administrative Hearings.

Adverse actions can include suspension without pay, demotion, or termination.

The process can be confusing for a non-lawyer and often it is important to have an attorney fight for you and help you through the process. An attorney can help get a favorable settlement or help fight the case for you at the Administrative hearing.

Sean Gavin and David Foos have many years’ experience fighting adverse actions and can effectively represent you before the administrative agency. Both attorneys have represented numerous workers and achieved extremely successful results for their clients. If you need help through the process call Sean Gavin or David Foos at 916-779-3500 or reach us at the web at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Remember the initial consultation is without cost to you.